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Guangzhou International Fastener Technology and Equipment Exhibition held in June

        The thirteenth of June, Guangzhou International fasteners and Equipment Exhibition held in the largest exhibition hall in Asia 拉丝机 (China Import and Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Area A, first floor), an exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, is planned by Guangzhou waves exhibitionCo., Ltd. 调直机 and Guangdong Province fastener industry Association, Yongnian standard parts Association, the professional Committee of the National Federation of Hardware & 杭州拉丝机 Electrical Association of fasteners, screws Association of Hong Kong, Wenzhou fastener Association work together to host the show. Show time June 19, 2012 -21 days.钢丝除锈机
       The exhibition
      1.A car and a variety of vehicle fasteners, building decorative fasteners, furniture fasteners, household appliances fasteners, electronic fasteners, universal standard fasteners.
     2.调直切断机  Fasteners, accessories and connectivity products category: screws, washers, bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, studs, washers, assembly and connection Vice pieces and related products.
      3.连续拉丝机 Fastener production equipment (screw machine, cold heading machine, heading machine, thread rolling machine, Cutting Machine, thread rolling machine, thread rolling machine, wire drawing machine, wire drawing machine, screw automatic screening machines, vibrating plate, etc.) 调直机设备 and screws mold.
     4 .水箱机 fastener material (steel, stainless steel wire)
     5.   Fastening tools, fastening systems.
    6. Testing equipment machinery, all kinds of parts and related equipment
Author:  Hangzhou three gold Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
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